Flanders oppressed since 1830

French-language extremists destroy Flemish flags

 In the small Flemish town Voeren extremists has destroyed Flemish lion flags in the night between Friday and Saturday. They removed the flags from the official buildings and cut out the Flemish lion. Last week Joëlle Milquet of the CdH (Walloon Christian democrats) was whipping up anti-Flemish feelings of the French-language inhabitants by making door-to-door campaign with the message this Flemish town needs to be annexed by Wallonia.


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Walloon politicians anticipate disintegration Belgium by claiming ‘linguistic corridor’

Vice Prime Minister Joëlle Milquet  of the Walloon party CDH started this morning in the newspaper La Libre Belgique again about it: she is repeating the demand of the PS (Walloon socialistic party) to give Wallonia a geographic link with Brussels by a ‘linguistic corridor’. According to her Wallonia has to be ready for when Belgium further disintegrates. A ‘French linguistic corridor’ over Flemish territory would connect Brussels geographically with Wallonia and France. Ironically, Joëlle Milquet goes to the Federal elections with the slogan ‘L’union fait la force’ , the French-language version of the national motto of Belgium ‘Strength Through Unity’.

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Joëlle Milquet “Belgian language border is a historical mistake”

 Joëlle Milquet, the leader of the French-speaking , Christian democratic – humanist political party (CDH), called this evening during a debate on the Rtbf , the language border a historical mistake. The language border is the in 1963 agreed border between the Dutch and French speaking parts of Belgium.

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