Flanders oppressed since 1830

Frenchification advances in Flanders

According to Luc Van Biesen of the Open VLD (Flemish Liberals), the detailed results of the general elections of last Sunday are showing that the influence of French-speaking politicians in Flanders is still growing and that a quick division of the unconstitutional electoral district B-H-V is needed. In the electoral district B-H-V (Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde) Flanders was able to keep 9 parliamentary seats only because less French-speaking expats than usually were voting abroad. French-speaking expats consequently add their votes to the B-H-V listings to support the francophone influence in B-H-V. The Belgian Constitutional Court ruled in 2003 that the B-H-V voting district is in contradiction with the provincial definition of the electoral districts of Belgium. In this unconstitutional electoral district, French-speaking voters living in a Flemish province can vote on politicians living outside Flanders while this isn’t possible the other way around.


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