Flanders oppressed since 1830

“Belgium has a 19th century criminal-justice system”

   After last week killings of a judge and a court clerk inside a Brussels courtroom, the American news magazine Time spends this week an article on the collapse of law and order in Brussels. The article gives an overview of the surge of violence of last months in the Belgian capital  and refers to the failing country’s institutions as one of the causes. The article concludes with “the linguistic struggle between the two main communities has led more or less to a standstill in federal policymaking. As a result, Belgium has a 19th century criminal-justice system.”  


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Walloon politicians anticipate disintegration Belgium by claiming ‘linguistic corridor’

Vice Prime Minister Joëlle Milquet  of the Walloon party CDH started this morning in the newspaper La Libre Belgique again about it: she is repeating the demand of the PS (Walloon socialistic party) to give Wallonia a geographic link with Brussels by a ‘linguistic corridor’. According to her Wallonia has to be ready for when Belgium further disintegrates. A ‘French linguistic corridor’ over Flemish territory would connect Brussels geographically with Wallonia and France. Ironically, Joëlle Milquet goes to the Federal elections with the slogan ‘L’union fait la force’ , the French-language version of the national motto of Belgium ‘Strength Through Unity’.

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MR chairman sees extension Brussels over Flemish border still as a possibility

Walloon MR chairmain Didier Reynders insisted that negotiation around the expansion of Brussels should be addressed. “Maybe not the territory,” he says  today in the VUM Newspapers. “But there are other possibilities.” So suggests the French liberal “a Brussels police zone for instance extended over the Flemish border”

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