Flanders oppressed since 1830

MR chairman sees extension Brussels over Flemish border still as a possibility

Walloon MR chairmain Didier Reynders insisted that negotiation around the expansion of Brussels should be addressed. “Maybe not the territory,” he says  today in the VUM Newspapers. “But there are other possibilities.” So suggests the French liberal “a Brussels police zone for instance extended over the Flemish border”


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Joëlle Milquet “Belgian language border is a historical mistake”

 Joëlle Milquet, the leader of the French-speaking , Christian democratic – humanist political party (CDH), called this evening during a debate on the Rtbf , the language border a historical mistake. The language border is the in 1963 agreed border between the Dutch and French speaking parts of Belgium.

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French-language public broadcaster cancels joint electoral debate with Flemish broadcaster

A committee of the French-language public broadcaster RTBF has cancelled a joint electoral debate with the Flemish broadcaster VRT  planned for May 30.  The committee calls one of the Flemish political parties, Vlaams Belang ‘anti-democratic’ and cancels therefore the complete event with the Flemish broadcaster. Vlaams Belang is a right wing party which achieved 19% of the Flemish votes during the last federal elections in 2007. Vlaams Belang strives to Flemish independency.

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