Flanders oppressed since 1830

Active corruption by Belgian energy market monopolist

Freddy Willockx, former minister for the SpA (Flemish socialists) is criticizing in his new book very strongly Belgian utility provider Electrabel. Mr. Willockx (also many years major of Sint-Niklaas a small Flemish city) reveals the company committed active corruption and was frequently influencing political parties on all levels from ministries to complete city councils. Electrabel is reigning over 90% of the Belgian energy market today and is wholly owned by France’s Gaz de France- Suez .The French state holds more than 35% of GDF-Suez.  The French monopoly position on the Belgian energy market is very strongly criticized and by many considered as unethical. For example have Belgian customers to pay much higher prices for their energy as French customers. Yearly gigantic amounts of Euros are flowing from Belgian households to GDF-Suez and the French state. As a result there are many calls in Flanders for an own Flemish energy company.


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