Flanders oppressed since 1830

Maddens: “Back to the ‘Van Rompuy Doctrine’ “

 In an interview  with the financial newspaper De Tijd, Professor Bart Maddens (Catholic University of Leuven), the inventor of the so-called ‘Maddens Doctrine’, states that his own doctrine becomes obsolete after last Sunday’s elections. His “doctrine” was a strategy to achieve the big state reform that Flanders has been requesting for ages. Flanders should stop begging for something it cannot get. Instead, it should let things rot until the francophones realise that something must change. Maddens is saying today that Flanders should now switch back to the older ‘Van Rompuy Doctrine’, called to the current President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy. The ‘Van Rompuy Doctrine’ is saying that the Flemish political parties should go to the negotiations with the Walloon political parties making immediately clear that there will be no Belgian federal government without first reforming the federal state. According to Maddens in the same interview the following should be reformed: move the collection of the personal income tax from the Belgian federal level to Flanders and Wallonia, give the Brussels Region a less important role and let Flanders and Wallonia build there own health care systems.


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