Flanders oppressed since 1830

Wall Steet Journal publishes biased report on Flanders

  The Wall Street Journal has published yesterday a biased article  on Flanders, picturing in an striking trivial way the Flemish people as jackasses discriminating the ‘poor’ French-language immigrants. The journalist of this renowned newspaper surprisingly fails to show any useful background information and clearly mimics the misinformation generated by partisan French media in Wallonia, the other part of Belgium bordering France. The WSJ doesn’t provide the reader any meaningful underlying cultural,social or political information of Belgium. No word about the history of the Flemish movement, the contemporary French-language higher class crowding Flanders and pushing away the lower social Flemish class, the hospitals in Brussels-the bilingual capital- discriminating Flemish citizens inclusive children,  the Walloon politicians claiming Flemish territory for linguistic purposes or the huge pressure of the French culture of giant neighbour France with powerful official bodies like the Académie Française to promote the French language… The WSJ journalist even doesn’t seem to know the situation in Quebec , Canada where much stricter language laws then in Flanders are protecting French as the normal and everyday language of work, instruction, communication, commerce and business.


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